Legal Requirements

Here's what you need to know and what documentation to bring with you before you apply for a Florida marriage license.


We recommend getting this legal aspect of your wedding out of the way about a month before your wedding date. Congratulations and much happiness as you begin your lifetime journey together!


Requirements may vary as each county in Florida may have their own requirements.   You do not have to be a resident of Florida.    


Florida law requires that you have picture ID such as a valid driver's license and your Social Security card or a valid passport or I-94 card.You may be asked for a certified copy of your birth certificate.    


If you have been previously married, the date of your divorce or date of your spouse's death must be supplied. If the divorce or spouse's death occurred within the past 30 days, a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate is required.


There is no waiting period for Florida residents who have completed a state sanctioned marriage preparation course within the last 12 months. There is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents who have not taken the course.


Fees: $93.50.


Many locales do accept credit cards now, but be sure to check with the local county clerk to make sure.  Couples who have completed a state-sanctioned marriage preparation course within the past 12 months are entitled to a discount. 


Effective January, 1999, Florida couples will have to consider the consequences of divorce before they can get married.  Prospective brides and grooms are now required to read a small booklet which describes situations such as how a court would divide their assets and information about child support payments.


Licenses will be available for less than $93.50 if a couple attends a four-hour course to improve communication, financial and parenting skills before marriage.


Court Clerks are allowed by law to waive the three-day waiting period in the event of a "hardship" case.